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Elevating Business Beyond Visuals

What is Brand Identity?
Branding is more than just a logo. It is about your strategy, story and how you want your business/self communicate with your audiences/customers.

What Brand Identity Include?
It is a common misconception for people to assume that "branding" is just about design elements. It is far more than that. We will help you to be able to communicate your brand effectively, including:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Story
  • Logo Guidelines
  • Color Pallete
  • Typography
  • Brand Application
  • Graphic Standard Manual

We're ready to elevate your business, beyond visuals!

You only need a logo?

Don't worry, we can cover it for you. Simply explain to us briefly about your business and the concept, we will make it into a logo that leaves a favorable and lasting impressions.

Why do I Need Social Media Branding?
Social Media is everywhere, and is almost in front of everyone fingertips nowadays. Social Media Branding gives you a huge opportunity to get in closer to your desired audiences faster and easier. 

What Social Media Branding Covers?

  • It can covers image/video contents on Instagram or Facebook
  • Video for your Youtube
    or Even Content Sharing Platform such as LinkedIn and Twitter

Why Do I Need Motion Graphic Video?
Based on research, people can digest a long contents using videos and infographics better. Video can be better for driving clicks and engagement. If you need an effective advertisement using Video, we can also cover it for you.

Between Video vs Image Ads?

It is really depends on the product/service you are promoting, as well as the budget and time constraint. Let's discuss your needs and we will recommend you the most suitable one.

If you need to visualize a design into a more real and feasible manner. We can help you create a mockup sample before you produce a huge project. We will give you a real example/structural model to scale, study, test or display based on your needs.

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