Do Well-Known Influencers Really Like Your Products?


Does it influence you to buy things nowadays?

Who is it anyway?

It is common nowadays that a big number of followers in social media means business. So many influencers with big number of audiences are collaborating with brands to help them promoting their businesses. It’s been no secret that this method that was called “Influencer Marketing” effectively increasing the number of reach a brand can get in a single campaign.

Influencer marketing is becoming a trend and able to persuade many people because of its originality and genuine look and review from users to a brand. Influencers itself are divided into several categories.

Influencer categories Source:


Influencer marketing is becoming a trend and able to persuade many people because of its originality and genuine look and review from users to a brand. Who are these influencers anyway? influencers itself are divided into several categories. We called it Nano –Mega Influencers based on their audience base size.

Check how people differentiate influencers here.

Most of the time, the one who got trust to collaborate with brands are KOL’s (Key opinion leaders) or we often call it celebrity (people who has 500k-1M+ audience base), or micro & mid-tier influencers with a decent amount of audience base (10k-500k audience base). This trust continue to grow until there are so many people growing from nano influencers (social media users) into someone with decent amount of audience base solely to get the opportunity to do an endorsement to a brand. Here comes the trust issue problem, when everyone are trying their best to do a promotion. A sense of honest review and genuine content slowly faded, the effort of creating a campaign with the help of micro & mid-tier influencers become less and less effective.

Here comes the era of nano-influencers, Nano-influencers — are Instagram users who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers. Their accounts are neither glamorous or even retouched with filters. They are among us and giving us the sense of “neighbour” influencers. Nano influencers bring values to both audiences and brands by:

  • Having a closer relationship with their followers/audiences
  • Having higher engagement rate (Average is 5.6% while the others only reaching below 3%)
  • Bringing more relevant contents to the potential buyers
  • Effectively saving brands marketing budget (50% lower rates compared to other influencers)

It’s the new powerful and cost-effective strategy.

Brands now can try a more genuine campaign method to effectively increase their ROI while saving more campaign budget. It is worth to try, Kocial Buzz Marketing also can help you to manage and find the right nano-influencers to increase your brand awareness towards unreachable audiences.

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